SPECIAL EVENT: Generative AI and Author Remuneration – Does EU Copyright and AI Legislation Provide the Right Answer?

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The Copyright Society of Australia is excited to welcome visiting academic Professor Martin Senftleben to consider the evolving issue of remuneration for authors and generative AI in a Special Event hosted by Ashurst.
It has been argued that generative AI systems are likely to substitute human creations and usurp the market for human works. Against this background, this seminar will explore proposals and strategies to ensure that revenue from generative AI is shared fairly with human authors.
Discussing EU copyright law, Professor Senftleben will argue that the rights reservation approach under the 2019 Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market – now flanked by the AI Act – raises considerable legal and practical difficulties.
Instead of imposing heavy burdens on AI training, it is argued that policymakers in other regions should implement output-oriented remuneration systems that require payment once generative AI systems are brought to the market.
The Society is also pleased to welcome friends of the Society, Rita Matulionyte and Michael Handler, to join this in-person discussion on Professor Senftleben’s paper.

Tuesday 30 April, 2024

In-person 12:30pm – 2:00pm
Ashurst  (Sydney office)
Level 11, 5 Martin Place, Sydney
Lunch will be provided

Live Stream & Discussion 1:00pm-2:00pm

+ 1 CPD unit
All members and friends welcome.

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