The Copyright Society of Australia Inc is a non-profit organisation whose members are people with an interest in copyright.

The CSA is based in Sydney, but has members from around Australia and overseas. The members include lawyers, staff of copyright-related organisations, government officials, academics and students.

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The CSA has a management committee comprised of up to 20 members, each of whom are elected annually.  The management committee comprises an Executive Committee (President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer) and other members who sit on sub-committees to deliver the functions of the CSA for its members.

Currently we have 5 sub-committees:

  • Events co-chaired by James Lawrence and Luke Hawthorne
  • Communications chaired by Kaelah Ford
  • Copyright Reporter co-chaired by Joel Barrett
  • Symposia chaired by Alida Stanley
  • Young Lawyers chaired by Emma Johnsen

Have Question?

Please contact us at if you have any questions about our governance and/or if you are interested in joining the management committee.

Annual General Meetings

The Copyright Society of Australia holds the Annual General Meeting during March each year. The Management Committee executive members and members are elected at the time.

Read our Constitution here

12:00pm Tuesday 30 April 2024

Online Only

All members are welcome to attend.


  • Alida Stanley
    Alida Stanley President
  • Emma Johnsen
    Emma Johnsen Vice-President

    Marque Lawyers

  • Sarah Kelshaw
    Sarah Kelshaw Secretary


  • James Lawrence
    James Lawrence Treasurer


  • Joel Barrett
    Joel Barrett Member


  • Alasdair Doctor​​
    Alasdair Doctor​​ Member

    Banki Haddock Fiora

  • Adam Flynn
    Adam Flynn Member

    Australian Digital Health Agency

  • Kaelah Ford
    Kaelah Ford Member


  • Alexandra George
    Alexandra George Member

    University of New South Wales

  • Luke Hawthorne
    Luke Hawthorne Member

    King & Wood Mallesons

  • Imogen Loxton
    Imogen Loxton Member


  • Damian Rinaldi
    Damian Rinaldi Member
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  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith Member
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  • Anna Spies
    Anna Spies Member

    Arts Law Centre of Australia

  • Annie Watts
    Annie Watts Member


  • Marlia Saunders
    Marlia Saunders Member

    Thomson Geer